Large Enterprise Partners require a trade licence to carry out their service requests. In order for you to have access to all available service requests in the future, we recommend that you register as a trader. Upload your trade licence to your Mila profile under the menu item “Verification & Trust”. It is your responsibility to know where and how you can register as a trader. However, you only pay trade tax if the annual turnover exceeds EUR 24,500. You only have to pay VAT from EUR 17’500 annual turnover.

It depends on the extent to which you are active as a Mila Friend. It is your responsibility to make sure that you register as self-employed if required. Here you will find more information on this topic. Please remember to report your secondary occupation to your main employer if applicable.


A trade licence is required for the execution of all service requests via You can find out how to apply for a trade licence here. Trade tax does not apply in Austria, you do not pay sales tax for income below EUR 30,000.



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