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Mila Friends and Mila Professionals are qualified and vetted.
In short, Mila Friends are private individuals, while Mila Professionals are registered companies.

When creating his profile, the Mila partner is being asked to provide a profile picture, a copy of his original identity card or passport (also a work permit when required) and a copy of his criminal background.

All partners also need to read the Mila Code of Conduct and pass the related test. Therefore, each Mila partner knows how to behave at the client’s place, and how to provide high-quality customer experience, while performing the booked service.

Besides, to make sure the client gets the most suitable Mila partner for the booked service, knowledge tests are mandatory. The Mila Academy offers free training specific to various products and use cases, and corresponding quizzes. These evaluations ensure that the Mila partner knows how to meet the client’s expectations.

At the end of each service, the client receives an email with a link to rate the partner’s performance. This rating is shared with the partner as well as the Mila team. This way, the client’s feedback guarantee that only qualified and customer-friendly partners are performing services.
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