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Notifications depend on your Mila partner type.
To comply and ease your Mila experience, service requests are either sent to your email or directly through the Mila App. In both cases, make sure you have logged at least once in the Mila App to receive requests. Otherwise, your profile will not be taken into consideration in the distribution.

Mila Friend/Mila Pro

Everything is done through the Mila App. Subsequently, for each new service request, you receive a push notification, that gives you the possibility to accept or decline the service.

Mila Dispatcher

You receive each service request on your email you have registered with. By clicking on the provided link, you land on your FSM Light space, where you can accept or decline the service.

Whenever a new service is available in your region, you receive a new email and your FSM Light waiting list gets updated.

Technician (of a Mila Dispatcher)

When the dispatcher assigns you a service, a push notification is sent on your smartphone. When clicking on it, you land on the service details view in the Mila App, where you are able to see the client contact data, the booked service package as well as the date and time.
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