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The phone call with the client is a crucial step.
This mandatory discussion aims to prevent incidents, build an initial contact with the client and to provide you with helpful information.

Right after accepting the service, contact the client and make sure to:

Introduce yourself.
“Hello Ms. Simons, I’m Leo, a Mila Friend. I have accepted your service request.”

Inform about the scope of your intervention.
“You have booked an installation of 2 security cameras, right?”

Discuss if additional work will be required.
“Will you need technical support for something else? Like another device?”

Define the situation on-site (depending on the service)
Light Installation: “Could I ask you how high your ceiling is? This will tell me if I need a longer ladder.”
UP: “When is the Swisscom line activated? Could you also please make sure that I can get access to the UP box, to complete my visit?”

Define the final price (*strictly in special cases)
“With this service, the final price for you will be CHF 68. Do you agree?”

Check the address, date and time.
“I will be at your place, 13 Kings Avenue in London, next Tuesday at 10 am. Does that work for you?”

24 hours before the service, you will also need to confirm your visit. By clicking on “service confirmed” in the Mila App, the client will receive a reminder.
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