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This dispatching tool allows companies to organise their work.
As a Mila Dispatcher, access to the dispatching tool, FSM Light, is automatically granted. FSM Light is the desktop platform where a Mila Dispatcher accepts and declines service requests, where he assigns the services to his employees, as well as where he manages his team.

FSM Light is structured into two tabs: the “dashboard” and the “technicians”. The first one is used to handle the services, while the second to manage the employee profiles.

After receiving a service request on the dispatcher’s email, here is how to navigate through FSM Light in order to correctly handle the service:

The service appears under the “Accept or Decline” tab. By clicking on the service, all details (service package, date, client location,..) are visible. There, the dispatcher accepts or declines the service.
When accepting the request, the service appears under the “Assign to a Technician” tab. After clicking on the service, the dispatcher assigns the service to a suitable technician. If the service was booked without a date, the dispatcher contacts the client in order to set a precise date and time.
In the meantime, the service is also displayed in the calendar view accordingly to the service date and assigned employee.
Finally, the dispatcher confirms having called the client. By doing so, the service appears in green, meaning all before-the-service steps have been completed. The technician also has the possibility to confirm the client call via the App, and hence trigger the green color.

In the second tab, a list of the employees can be found. Active profiles, meaning employees that can get assigned a service, are highlighted in dark grey, while pending profiles remain in light grey. Whenever there is the need to add an employee to the team, this article will help.
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