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For Swisscom services, a special helpline is available.
The following only applies for services that are directly booked in partnership with Swisscom. Examples include the installation of the Internet and the activation of the transfert point.

If once on site, you cannot complete the Mila service (due to the non-activation of the Swisscom line, incorrect delivered material or not accessable AP), you should directly contact the Swisscom team by phone under 0800 406 080. This direct access to the second line support of Swisscom will help you to get access to information such as the status of the line. Remember that this phone number must only be used for issues concerning Mila services.

After discussing with the Swisscom agent and if the service can still not be completed, you must fill out the incident form via the Mila App. Here are the steps to follow:

Click on “Check-Out”
Indicate that the service could not be successfully completed
Indicate the involvement of a third-party (Swisscom)
Confirm having called Swisscom and enter the reference number of Swisscom (Service Request nr.)
Enter if a Swisscom technician visit is required
Select one of the following reason of the service failure:
line not activated
router does not synchronise
wrong material delivered to the client
AP not accessable / not found
Confirm the check-out of the service

In this video, you will see exactly what you should do.

Following the Swisscom incident, you will receive, up to 8 weeks after the service, a compensation fee. If you have not correctly closed the service or not contacted the Swisscom hotline, you will not receive a compensation fee.

Helpful hints especially for UP jobs:
As soon as it becomes apparent that the line is not activated or the router is not synchronising, do not perform any further installation work under this job, but complete the case according to the above procedure.
If the customer wishes a new appointment after the line is activated or the material is received, open a new service order directly on site with the existing customer data in the app
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