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Why do I need skills?

Mila's goal is to have tech questions and challenges professionally resolved by our network of skilled technicians. That's why we distribute each job to only technicians who can perform the job professionally and have the skills to do so. In order to provide you only with jobs that are interesting to you we need your input in the form of skills and completed trainings.

You decide which job types you would like to work on. The more skills you acquire, the more assignments you can expect.

Where do I define my skills?

From the moment we activate your profile, you will have access to the Mila Academy, - where you will find courses and trainings for a selection of more complex jobs, as well as to the Partner Portal, - where all your administrative content regarding open/completed jobs, customer ratings, profile data and also skills are located.

While in Mila Academy you need to complete a course and a test for the more complex skills (Level 2 - L2), in the Partner Portal you can add skills to your profile by simple activation (Level 1 - L1). Some of the L1 skills in the Partner Portal can also be upgraded to an L2. To do this, click on the acquired L1 skill in the portal and check whether an L2 skill is available. If so, you can be easily redirected to the course by clicking on the L2 point.

Which skills are right for me?

Which Mila jobs you want to do is up to you. However, different skills are beneficial per country and per partner type (Friend, Pro, Dispatcher). For ease of use, we only show you the skills in the partner portal that could actually lead to a Mila job - so put together your service portfolio based on the skills listed in the portal. In addition, we use awards such as "Most Jobs" in the portal to show you where the most jobs are currently to be expected.

In the Mila Academy you will find many more courses, trainings and content, regardless of country and partner type.

You have the responsibility to select the skills truthfully.

Are the skills and trainings the only basis for the number of jobs?

No, the job distribution at Mila is based on several factors. However, the basis of each job is you having the right skill activated. So the more skills you have activated, the more jobs you can expect. Other factors for receiving jobs are: radius and customer evaluation (rating). Read more about the distribution of jobs here

The Mila Academy - much more than just courses & tests

All Mila technicians receive access to our Mila Academy as soon as their profile is activated. This gives you access not only to new and free courses released weekly, but also to Mila discussion forums and tech and market news. Browse through the course list or search for specific courses from our top partners, such as Amazon, Sonos, Bosch or Ring.

Not only will this keep you up to date, it's also a free way to expand your personal service portfolio and do more Mila jobs in addition.

Open the Mila Academy

Do the same requirements apply to electricians?

If you have a trade card for electrical engineering or industrial master craftsman, you are welcome to upload it as proof in the partner portal under Electricians. This will give you the skill for jobs that require wiring work.

If you have an ESTI number or have a restricted installation permit, you are also welcome to upload this as proof in the partner portal under Electricians. This way you will receive the skill for jobs where wiring work is necessary.

You can also obtain the skill for flush-mounted connections without being an electrician. To do this, we need a reference from a previous employer, where you have already made sub-surface connections for Swisscom. You are welcome to send us the document by e-mail.
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