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As a Mila Friend, you are responsible for gathering the money.
When booking the service, the client is given various options on how to pay. If you are registered as a Mila Pro or in the United-Kingdom, Mila is able to guarantee you the payment regardless of the chosen payment method. However, this is not the case if you are registered as a Mila Friend, since you are not a sub-contractor of Mila.

Therefore, for clients that have selected the invoice as payment method, Mila is sending the invoice under your name to the client, but is not entitled to gather the money. In fact, you are solely responsible to make sure you receive the payout.

In the case where the client did not pay out after 10 days (time we indicate on the invoice), we advise you to contact the client and request him to transfer the money. The invoice of the client is also available to you on your partner portal when clicking on the service, so that you can resend it to the client.

Overall, Mila cannot act for you in this situation and kindly ask you to reach out to a collection agency upon wish.

Still, for clients that have selected the credit-card payment method, you will receive the payout 30 days maximum after successfully closing the service.
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