Checklist before starting the installation

The checks before the actual installation ensure high quality and prevent errors as well as resulting warranty claims or claims for damages.

Download the Amazon Key for Business App
The app is an essential part of the Key for Business installation process. Make sure that the app is downloaded on your phone beforehand and that your camera and location services for this app has been activated. The KfB Install App can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play
Should you need a refresher on how the app works, you can read over the KfB App Essentials training here.

Clarifications with the contact person

Clarify for which access points Key for Business is to be installed. If installation in the existing access system involves drilling or similar, it is advisable to take a photo of the original condition.
Ensure that you have access to all necessary areas.
Ask for preferred delivery instructions so this can be recorded in the Amazon KfB app during registration. This will help the Amazon driver make the delivery quickly and successfully
Test access points several times with the contact person for proper function prior to installation - This is critical to avoid unwarranted escalations or claims for damages. If there are any malfunctions, this must be documented and the job cancelled. Send the information and any photos via chat in the Mila App to the Mila team.

Things to note for a successful installation

To ensure long-lasting connectivity of the device, prevent warranty work or any other subsequent use, please note the following points:

The power source used for the Leo Lite must be permanently active. When using the supplied plug and USB adapter, make sure the outlet is not controlled or controlled by another switch.
If directly coupled to the low voltage power supply of the access system, the supply must also be permanent and in the range of 10 - 24 V (DC / AC).
If the door opening is controlled with >2 A, a relay must be installed to protect the LeoLite.
Have all tools and materials with you to complete the installation.
Test for adequate connection quality using the indicator lights on the unit.
Make sure the unit is in a safe location and avoid high traffic areas .
If necessary and possible, the installation should be made in a junction box with min. IP65 and a size of approx. 190x100x75. (Please integrate all components in the box).
NEVER integrate the LeoLite device directly into an emergency control.
Use the Puck antenna if you install LeoLite inside an enclosure that interferes with the radio link.
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