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The Mila App will guide you.
You have accepted a service, congrats! Here is the process to follow in order to have a smooth service, for you and the client.

You will be required to act via the Mila App for each of these steps:

Call the client: right after accepting the service (or max. 12 hours after), leverage this phone discussion to prepare your visit. Mila created this checklist for you to follow during the call.

Confirm the service: 24 hours prior to the service, you have to confirm your visit, via the Mila App. This action will trigger an email, which will remind the client of your next-day intervention.

Indicate your upcoming arrival: when starting your way to the client’s place, click on the “on my way” icon via the Mila App. The client will then receive a link with your estimated time of arrival.

Start the service: to help Mila to improve the service packages, indicate when you begin to work. You can do it via the “start working” icon in the Mila App.

Edit service: if required and with the consent of the client, you can add a new package, additional material or time.

Get the signature: after completion of your work, close the service and ask for the client’s signature, via the Mila App. This signature confirms that the service was completed as expected by the client. If your visit is not successfully finished, report it as an incident via an “unsuccessful check-out” in the Mila App.

After closing the service, the payment is triggered, depending on your partner type and region.

If you have any questions concerning a service or the Mila App, try to find your answer on the Help Center, or start contacting the Mila team.
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