DBS Check For Amazon Home Service Jobs

To access Amazon jobs, a successfully completed DBS check is mandatory. You wish to start receiving Amazon jobs? Send us an email, we will set up the check for you.

Why Do I Need A DBS Check?

Amazon requires from all technicians carrying out services for their clientele to complete a criminal background check for free. It is a safety measure that Amazon sets as requirement for all technicians serving customers on-site. To become eligible to receive and conduct Amazon Home Service jobs it is, therefore, necessary for Mila Friends and Mila Pros to complete this check.
Usually such a check costs £45, but for all Mila technicians it is free of charge.

Please have your documents ready and set aside 15-30 minutes to complete the check.

Here is how to get it:

When registering, Mila transfers your name and email to Accurate (which is the platform where to conduct your DBS check)
You will afterwards receive an email from Accurate, providing you a link where you can directly carry-out your DBS check (You have not received such an email? Get in contact with us)
Visit the Accurate page, enter your personal details, and upload the documents
Wait for the successful return of your DBS check (usually takes around 2 days)
Congrats! You are now ready to start receiving Amazon Home Service jobs in the UK

Which documents do I need to provide?

For identification purposes you will need to upload 2 of the following documents:
Residence Permit
Driving License
Birth Certificate
Adoption Certificate
Marriage Certificate

For a proof of address please upload 1 of the following documents:
Utility Bill (Gas, Electric, Phone)
Bank or Credit Card Statement
Council Tax Bill or HMRC Notification
Vehicle Registration or Tax
Confirmation of Registration and Student Status

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