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This is how it works
Conducting an Amazon case – screen by screen
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From the 28th of January 2021, the handling for Amazon service requests is changing. Please inform yourself and get prepared accordingly.

1. This is how it works

1# Get the app ready

Download the Selling Services app from Amazon on Google Play or Apple Store and register in the app. Wait for the approval of your profile while Amazon verifies your account. It can take up to 48 hours. (There are no subscription costs)

2# Receive requests in the Mila app

Receive, review, and accept new service requests from Amazon in the Mila app. Then, wait until Mila made your service request available in the Amazon app. Please note that it can take some time (up to 4 hours) until the Amazon app is updated and displays your accepted service call.

3# Proceed services in the Amazon app

Via push notification, you are then notified about the availability of your service in the Amazon app. From now on, follow the process in the Amazon app and update your service status there.

4# Finish it up and return to Mila

Service conducted? Congrats! Close the service in the Amazon app. Mila will again update your service overview list in the Mila app during the next few hours. In the meantime, go ahead and accept some new service calls in the Mila app.

2. Conducting an Amazon service call – screen by screen

3. Often asked question

How am I related to Amazon?

You are an official Amazon / Mila technician. As a Mila partner conducting Amazon cases, you are next to your own company representing Amazon and Mila at the client's home. That gives you the chance to create a great experience on behalf of all three companies.

Do I really need the Amazon app to complete Amazon cases?

Yes, starting from the 1st of February, any Mila technician who answers Amazon service calls is requested to download and use the Amazon app to handle the cases. While all service calls still are distributed over the Mila app, the completion of services coming from Amazon is fully handled within its app. It includes:

Updating the service status
Editing service date and time if necessary
Asking for client signature
Closing the service

Who do I contact if a problem arises during a service?

Mila is still your point of contact. Any time you have a question or encounter a problem during a service, you can contact the Mila support team. Just use the support chat in the partner app, contact us via email ([email protected]), or call us directly under 020 3808 4619 (Mon - Fri 8 am - 5 pm).

What to do if the customer wants something different from what he has ordered or I am unable to carry out the service?

If the customer expresses new or different service expectations, please contact the Mila support team for help. It equally applies to cases in which you feel unable to complete the service as requested. We will help you to cancel or redistribute it.

Find the service description on the respective detail page within both the Amazon app & Mila app (Note: travel included).

Why does the price difference between the Amazon app and the Mila app?

The end-customer price displayed in the Amazon app consists of three parts (including VAT). One part goes to the Mila pro, while the remaining two parts, both commissions, go to Amazon and Mila. On the contrary, the price displayed in the Mila app does not include the Amazon commission. It is why the amount displayed there is lower.

For example, a service costs the client £65. Thus, the price displayed in the Amazon App is also £65, whereas in the Mila App it is £52. Out of this £52, the Pro can also see how much he gets. In this case, the technician would receive £32.50 and Mila the difference.

What if the Amazon app is not available to complete a service?

If the Amazon App is not working, while you want to close a service, please use the following document, to get a proof of appointment from the customer.
After filling out, send the document to [email protected] We will handle the further procedure for you.
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