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Use the dispatching tool FSM Light.
As a Mila Dispatcher, after accepting the service, you have to assign it to a member of your team. Your FSM Light helps you to complete that step.

Assigning a service to a technician is only possible in the following situation:

the technician has a verified profile (he will appear in dark grey in the members list)
the service has a set date and time (if not, enter the agreed time via FSM Light)
the technician has the skill, and matching skill level (mind when passing the skill test is mandatory). To avoid this being an issue, make sure your employees appropriately select their suitable skills as well as pass corresponding skill tests, available via their profile.

After assigning the service, the technician will receive a push notification letting him know about the new service. He will have access to all service details in his Mila App.

At any moment and until the service takes place, you have the option to re-assign the service to another member of your team, by simply clicking on the service.
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