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In cases where the client pays by cash or by invoice, you must transfer back the Mila fee.
As a Mila Friend, you receive in certain cases the service payout directly from the client. In that setting, the Mila commission has not yet been retrieved. Therefore, you need to manually pay it back.

If the client pays by credit card or if you’re a Mila Pro, the Mila commission is already deducted from the payout you receive on your bank account.

For each service you perform, you can find the corresponding payment slip in your partner portal, where the Mila bank details and the unique payment reference are indicated.

In your portal, you can also pay the service fee directly by credit card (MasterCard and Visa are accepted) as well as track for which services you have already transferred the commission. So that the tracking system is accurate, you have to pay each commission separately for each service.

Each service is labelled in one of the following four tags:
pending: the payment is being processed - wait for a few minutes
to pay: the mila fee needs to be paid - pay directly by credit card
paid: the mila fee has already been paid - nothing to do
N/A: no mila fee needs to be paid - nothing to do

If you have too many commissions to transfer back to Mila, you can also make a one-time payment. However, make sure to send us an email to [email protected], so that we can adjust your balance.

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