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By phone or via the Mila booking page, in a few minutes.
You can easily book a Mila service, by following these five next steps:

Go to
Pick the relevant service package
Indicate your contact details (name, address, email and phone number)
Select your availability
Choose your preferred payment method

If you are not sure on which service package to book, you can contact the Mila Customer Service team at:
Switzerland: +41 (0) 43 508 01 92
Germany: +49 (0)30 31 19 20 46
France: +33 (0)9 74 59 41 02
United Kingdom: +44 (0) 20 3808 4619
Austria: +43 (0) 720 88 09 67

After confirming the booking, Mila’s distribution algorithm starts selecting the most suitable Mila Partners. Once your service has been accepted by a partner, you will be shortly contacted by phone to review the service details to ensure a successful intervention.

At the end of the service, you will be asked to sign on the partner’s smartphone. You will also receive an email or a letter with the payment receipt and a link to rate the Mila partner’s service quality.
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