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Regulations depend on the region.
As a Mila Friend, it is your responsibility to make sure you comply with your local tax regulations.

In Switzerland

When reaching CHF 2 300 in a calendar year through Mila, your profile will be automatically suspended. To reactivate it, you will be asked to provide the confirmation that you contribute to the OASI/DI/IC. A new confirmation will be required for each year you reach this limit. However, it is totally permissible to already contribute to social insurances before reaching the CHF 2 300 limit.

In Germany

For any additional income lower than € 17 500, you must register at your local tax authority and declare the perceived amounts via the EÜR formular. The rate of taxation then depends on the amount collected.

In France

Any income that you earn through Mila the previous year needs to be declared to the tax authorities, via the specific formular n° 2042-C. The rate of taxation then depends on the amount collected.

In United Kingdom

Income up to £ 1 000 are tax-free and do not need to be declared. When exceeding this amount, you will be required to pay taxes to HMRC.

In Austria

Social security contributions are also incurred in sideline activities, such as Mila.
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